Here you can find information from the Area Meeting Trustees. Luton and Leighton Area Meeting is a registered Charity. It is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) which was established in July 2017 (Charity number 1173865). The previous  Unincorporated (Charity number1134541) has been dissolved and all property and resources transferred to the CIO. 

Details of  Trustees, Charitable objectives, annual reports etc can be viewed on the Charity Commission website. Follow the link. Link to Charity Commission website. 

The Governing Document for the Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) which was adopted in 2016 can be viewed by clicking on the link. Governing Document CIO 2016 

We are committed to ensuring everyone within the Area Meeting and those whom we come into contact with are are. We adopted a new Safeguarding policy in 2020, and are revising our procedures accordingly. The policy can be viewed by clicking on the link.  A temporary version in Right Ordering is available here.

To read the Privacy Policy click on the link. Last updated 5.6.2018 Link to Privacy Policy

The agreement between Area Trustees and Local Meetings is expressed in a Memorandum of Understanding. Last updated 6.2.2018. Click on the link to see the latest version. Link to Memorandum of Understanding

Trustees have agreed a Health and Safety Policy based on the recommendations of Britain Yearly Meeting. Click on the link to read it. Health&SafetyPolicyAgreedTrustees11April17

The Health & Safety Inspection Form can be downloaded here.

Area Meeting Burial Grounds Policy

Reserves Policy

Investment Policy

The Annual Report and Accounts for the CIO in 2019 are available here., and for the Unincorporated Charity they are here.

The Annual Report and Accounts for the CIO in 2018 are available hereAnd for the Unincorporated Charity they are here.

The  Annual Report and Accounts for 2017 (the Unincorporated Charity) are available here.