Right Ordering

A Handbook of business practice within the Area Meeting

Our Area Meetings are the prime meeting for our church affairs, but what does this involve?

How can a busy clerk or treasurer know all they need to know to manage the business of the Area Meeting?

What is involved in these and the many other Area Meeting appointments, for example of representatives to Meeting for Sufferings, or registering officers? What do you have to do to arrange a Quaker wedding or funeral?

Of course the organisation and working processes that underpin our religious community should be clear, understandable and accessible to those who serve as well as to the wider membership. However we have too long assumed that everyone knows what needs to be done and how things work, or that it is all in the red book.

It is no longer the case that we can rely on knowledge of our Religious Society being passed from one generation of members to the next, or even from clerks to their successors. Yes Quaker faith & practice embodies the structures and principles of church government but it is not, nor was ever intended to be, a comprehensive and detailed procedural handbook.

Right Ordering, A Handbook of Business Practice within the Area Meeting, fills a significant gap, addressing these and many other of the dilemmas we encounter in the conduct of our church affairs in every Area Meeting, setting out the requirements with charts, diagrams timetables and simple explanation, and thereby saving the rest of us from the detailed and painstaking work of re-inventing the wheel, and of writing it all down, over and over again.

Luton & Leighton Friends produced the Handbook primarily with their own needs in mind but in doing so have met a long standing need in the Yearly Meeting as a whole. They have done us all a great service in setting out our business procedures and responsibilities in this easy to read and usable form that can be widely used and reproduced.

Dip into this Handbook, and try it for yourself. In it you will find good practice, enlightenment, and plain speaking as well as a comprehensive account of all that both the officers and the members of any Area Meeting need to know about the organisation of our church affairs.

I am sure that Friends throughout the country will be very grateful for clarity of the guide and for the experience, commitment and hard work of Luton & Leighton Friends which has made this possible.

Elsa Dicks – Recording Clerk

Download Right Ordering

Right Ordering is intended to be a practical tool for all Friends engaged in the work of running the Area Meeting.

It is published on behalf of the Area Meeting by the Clerk, who has the continuing responsibility of keeping it up to date. It is meant to be a living document, not a record of how things were done when it was first produced in the year 2001.

The format is loose leaf and arranged under functional headings. Each functional heading is a seperate word document and the links below allow you to download each document sperately.

The revision of each section is indicated by the date in the title.

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