More a journey than a destination

The Quaker way has its roots in Christianity but also finds meaning and value in the teachings of other faiths. We acknowledge that our way is not the only way.

Quakerism is a way of life and worship rather than a fixed set of beliefs. Quakers seek to experience God, or the Spirit, directly, within themselves and in their relationships with others. We have no special priests or hierarchy. All are expected to take responsibility for our shared worship and the running of the Society.

The bedrock of the Quaker way is the silent ‘Meeting for Worship’. We seek a communal gathered stillness, where we can be open to inspiration from the Spirit of God. During Meeting some may feel moved to speak; this is something anyone can do, as all are considered equal. You do not have to become a Quaker to share in our Meetings.

Our collective religious experience has led us to place special value on truth, equality, simplicity and peace. These ‘testimonies’ lead Quakers to translate their faith into action by working locally and globally for social justice, peace and the environment.

Quakers meet together for worship and other activities in local and area meetings. These are open to all including children. In our meetings we look to find our own spiritual direction through the leading of the Spirit. Our sense of community does not depend on professing identical beliefs but from worshipping, sharing and working together.


Note: Our formal name is the Religious Society of Friends, but most people know us by the name Quakers which was originally a mocking nickname.

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