Hiring Policy and Terms & Conditions of Hire

Hiring Policy and Terms & Conditions of Hire

Hiring Policy

Milton Keynes Quaker Meeting is part of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Britain. The Quaker Centre is our place of worship and fellowship. Rooms are hired to outside bodies when this does not interfere with this primary function of the building.

Why do we hire rooms at the Quaker Centre? We hire rooms to other organisations for a number of reasons:

  • We recognise the need for places where people can meet to share ideas, learn and give support. The Quaker Centre offers a peaceful meeting place in Milton Keynes for many groups. We especially want our building to be used to benefit groups whose work is in line with Quaker values.
    • Through hiring rooms we offer everyone who comes to use our building the opportunity to find out about Quaker values, beliefs and work.
    • Hiring rooms raises income which helps to pay the costs of maintaining the Centre. We keep our rates low and, in some years, we do not make a profit from hiring rooms. In years when we do, the money raised contributes to Quaker work nationally and internationally.

Who can hire rooms?
We welcome bookings from all organisations (commercial, voluntary or statutory) whose activities do not seriously conflict with recognised Quaker principles. Acceptance of a booking from an organisation or individual does not imply that Milton Keynes Quakers concur with their views.

All bookings are subject to our standard conditions of hire which are sent to every hirer. Please note we do not accept bookings for parties.

A booking may be refused if:
• The aims and policies of the organisation or individual are in conflict with Quaker values.
• The proposed meeting would necessarily breach the Quaker Centre Conditions of Hire (eg it would involve levels of noise that would disturb others using the building or participants of user-groups have previously parked in a dangerous position or caused unnecessary obstruction of the road).
• A hirer persistently breaches the Quaker Centre Conditions of Hire.

We reserve the right to refuse bookings for any other reason which need not necessarily be specified.

MK Quaker Centre Terms and Conditions of Room Hire

Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

The Quaker Centre

1 Oakley Gardens

Downhead Park

Milton Keynes MK15 9BH.

Offer of TERMS AND CONDITIONS Agreement for Room Hire with effect from 1st September 2020


Current Rates of Hire

 Costs for room hire are exempt from VAT.

Main Meeting Room
2 Hours

Evenings only

3 Hours All Day


Band A £54.00 £64.00 £126.00
Band B £35.00 £45.00 £90.00
The Garden Room, Library and Committee Room
2 Hours

Evenings only

3 Hours All Day


Band A £35.00 £40.00 £74.00
Band B £26.00 £31.00 £59.00

Counsellors and other seeing one client at a time may hire the Library or Committee Room only for a 3 hour daytime session for £22.50 and a 2 hour evening session for £15.


Equipment (Subject to availability)

Flip Chart Stand Free
Flip Chart Paper and Pens £5
Digital Projector and Screen £10 per single session, £20 per day, £60 per week.

Hearing loop: The main meeting room has a built-in hearing loop   Free.

Soon to be available:
Video-conferencing equipment to enable mixed physical and virtual meetings
Microphone with disposable caps to help hearing when distanced and masked

  • Band A: Polling Station, commercial organisations, large organisations
  • Band B: Charities, providers of health or social care, voluntary organisations, self-funded groups charging for membership or admission, small community businesses (e.g. yoga teacher, tutor).
  • A 10% discount is given to those who book 10 or more weekly sessions at once.
  • The minimum period chargeable for any hire is 3 hours during the day and 2 hours in the evening.
  • The hours booked must include time needed to set-up the room as you would like it and return it to the state in which you found it.
  • A full day runs from 9.00 am – 5.00 pm.
  • Sessions of between 2 and 3 hours duration will normally be expected to fit into a morning, afternoon or evening and not overlap morning to afternoon or afternoon to eveningThere is no charge to use the kitchen for light refreshments on the basis that hirers bring their own tea/coffee etc. and leave the kitchen clean and tidy. . Note:  Currently, due to covid-19 constraints, the kitchen is only available by prior arrangement by groups using the Centre for a whole day and only one such group at a time.  Groups using the Centre for one session only are encouraged to bring their own refreshments.



  • The Nominated Responsible Adult is the person whose signature is on the “Application to hire” form (or the person responsible for the booking).
  • The Nominated Responsible Adult is responsible for ensuring that attendees are aware of and keep to the Covid-19 protocols.  Flyers are available to help hirers with that task.  For Covid-19 protocols please press here.
  • Guests are reminded that the building is in a residential area and are expected to respect the needs and privacy of neighbours and other users by parking responsibly, avoiding noisy activities and by leaving quietly. Smoking is only allowed in the outside designated area.
  • Alcohol, illegal drugs and gambling are not allowed on the premises or within the grounds.
  • Milton Keynes Quaker Centre reserves the right to cancel bookings made by any hire group that fails to adhere to these terms and conditions.

Bookings, Confirmation of Bookings and Payment

  • Applications are made to the Warden via telephone, post or email. Hirers new to the Quaker Centre must complete a booking request form and sign this to indicate that they have read and agree with our Terms and Conditions of Hire.
  • Prices are reviewed annually and hire charges will be determined in line with the price lists effective at time of Hire Period.
  • Provisional bookings are held for up to two weeks. Within this period we require written (or email) confirmation of the booking. If written confirmation is not received within these two weeks then we reserve the right to let the rooms to other interested parties.
  • Payment is expected from hirers who book the Quaker Centre for a single event on or before the day of the event. Regular hirers will be invoiced monthly in arrears. Payment is expected within two weeks of the date of the invoice.

Cancellations by the Hirer

  • Please give as much notice as possible of cancellation of any confirmed booking.
  • Cancellations of any confirmed booking made with notice of less than one week will result in the full charge being payable.

Cancellations by Milton Keynes Quakers

  • While every effort will be made to honour bookings, on rare occasions it is sometimes necessary for us to cancel them (for example, when the Centre is needed for a Quaker funeral or the building is required by MK Council as an Emergency Rest Centre). In the event of an accepted booking being cancelled, as much notice as possible will be given.

Nominated Responsible Adult

  • All organisations hiring rooms at the Centre must nominate one or more responsible adults who must be thoroughly familiar with the terms and conditions of hire, and the procedures to be followed in the event of a fire or other emergency. This responsibility cannot be delegated.
  • No meeting can take place on the premises unless the nominated responsible adult is present.

Care of the Meeting House

  • Each group may arrange the room to suit their own needs. Please leave the room as you found it.
  • Please do not fix anything to the walls with drawing pins, paste, blutak or other means; please ask for advice.
  • If you adjust the heating using the radiator controls, please reset the controls to 2 when you leave.
  • Before you leave, please lock all windows, close doors and turn off the lights in all the rooms you have used.
  • Please tell the Warden if your group has caused any damage. We may ask you to pay for any necessary cleaning or repairs beyond normal wear and tear.

Use of Kitchen

All Centre users, including those using the Centre for the whole day, are encouraged to bring their own refreshments.  When taking a break, additional safe space may be available at the garden tables, weather allowing.

The kitchen is currently only available for use by groups using the Centre for the whole day and only one such group at any one time.    We will keep this under review and inform Centre users as soon as we feel able to allow fuller use of the kitchen by more groups.

All-day groups using the kitchen are asked to adhere to the following:

  • Only one person at a time in the kitchen
  • Masks always to be worn in the kitchen
  • Attendees to bring their own packed lunch
  • Attendees to bring their own mugs and to keep them for the day
  • A trolley of drinks may be prepared in the kitchen for distribution in the meeting room.
  • Any person preparing drinks or food for others must wear gloves as well as a mask
  • Any washing up must be done overnight in the dishwasher
  • Keep the windows open unless weather is very inclement
  • Wipe down all surfaces in the kitchen after every tea break and lunch break, using either a mild bleach solution or disinfectant wipes provided.


Health, Safety and Security

  • The Nominated Responsible Adult is responsible for ensuring that attendees are aware of and keep to the Covid-19 protocols. For Covid-19 protocols please press here.
  • A first aid box and accident record book is kept on the wall in the foyer.