Rooms and Facilities

    Main Meeting Room

  • Spacious and versatile.

  • Size 782 sq ft (72.7sq m).

  • Seats up to 100 in rows or 55-65 in concentric circles if not socially distanced.

  • Seats 50 in rows at 1 metre distance and 22 at 2 metres distance in concentric circles. 

  • Hearing loop.

  • Ideal for training or larger presentations.

  • Opens onto a small patio and garden.


This is a spacious and versatile room.   Folding tables can  be set up in this room if required. The area is carpeted and the room opens onto a small patio and garden at the rear of the building. This room is frequently used for training courses and workshops in addition to Yoga groups and musical events.



  • Informal.

  • Cosy.

  • Size 233 sq ‘ (21.7 sq m)

  • Seats up to 12 people in a circle without social distancing and 6 people in a circle at 2 metres.

  • Window to the garden.

This room has an informal and cosy feel. Windows at the rear look onto the garden.

Quality venue, fuss free.” – Specialist Counsellor


Garden Room

  • Self-contained area.

  • Serving hatch from kitchen.

  • Seats up to 25 people in a circle un-distanced, 27 in rows at 1 metre distance and 12 people at 2 metres distance.  

  • Door to secure enclosed patio and garden.

  • Ideal for smaller training groups.


Committee Room

  • Simply furnished.

  • Size: 230 sq ft (21.4 sq m).

  • Relaxed atmosphere, but more formal than the library.

  • Windows at the side and rear overlooking the garden.

  • Frequently used for contact visits.

  • Not overlooked.

This room seats up to 15 in a circle un-distanced, 12 in a circle at 1 metre and 6 people in a circle at 2 metres.   It is simply furnished, creating a relaxed but slightly more formal feel to the room. Windows at the side and rear look out onto the garden and this room is frequently used for contact visits re. Social Services, MK Fostering & Adoption teams and the Family Group Conference Service.

We have been using rooms at the Quaker Centre for the past 5 years and are delighted to have such a quiet welcoming environment for our clients to come to.
M. Bradley, P.A.C.


Facilities Available

  • Free Wi-Fi. This has been recently upgraded to facilitate Centre users who want some participants to be able to participate in their meetings virtually.   A large screen is also available for hire at an additional cost.   Centre users must provide their own laptop and audio equipment required.  

  • On site parking for 16 cars.

  • Additional free car park within easy walking distance.

  • Bike racks for 10-12 bikes.

  • Very convenient for access by car or bus.

  • Shared use of our kitchen for making light refreshments is included in the price of room hire.   In the kitchen you will find the following:  electric cooker, dishwasher, microwave, fridge, automatic water boiler providing constant hot water, teapots, coffee pots, crockery, cutlery, mugs, glasses and other kitchen equipment.   Please discuss use of the kitchen with our Wardens when making a booking.   They will try to ensure staggered use of the kitchen so that, if possible, only one group uses it at any one time.



  • Wheelchair access.

  • Wheelchair accessible toilet.

  • Parking.

  • Hearing Loop.

The Quaker Centre is accessible to wheelchair users through non-automatic front doors. There is a disabled toilet and a designated off road car parking space.There is a hearing loop in the Main Meeting Room. There are no stairs within the building.


Opening Hours

The Quaker Centre is open for room hire 9.00 am to 9.30 pm Monday to Friday and 9.00 am to 5.00 pm on Saturday.

For hirers whose meetings start at 9.00 am, access to the building is allowed from 8.30 am.

The building closes promptly at 10.00 pm Monday to Friday.

Bookings are not normally accepted during a two week period in August, when the Quaker Centre is closed for decoration and refurbishment. New bookings are not accepted for periods when the warden is on leave.



The warden has details of several local caterers who provide good lunches at reasonable prices which can be delivered to the Quaker Centre.   Please ask.    Hirers need to make the booking themselves and to notify the warden in advance that they have done so, so that counter-space can be allocated in the kitchen.

If you use the kitchen for food preparation, please ensure that you comply with current food hygiene regulations.

Kitchen rules

Hirers are expected to clear up after themselves, do their own washing up in the dishwasher and leave the kitchen clean and tidy.   All left-over food and drink should be taken away at the end of the meeting.

Hirers are reminded that there may be more than one group in the building at the same time.   Please discuss kitchen use with the wardens prior to your meeting.   They will try, if at all possible, to ensure that only one group is using the kitchen at any one time.   Another way  of avoiding congestion in the kitchen is for large groups to use the trolley to transport food and drinks to the meeting room hired and not to send all participants to make their own drinks individually.

When taking a refreshment break, additional table space may be available at the garden tables, weather allowing. 


 For information about covid-19 safety rules, please press here.


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