Covid 19

The Quaker Centre remains a covid-safer venue:

All legal restrictions have now been lifted and government guidance about “safer behaviours” is voluntary.

We want to reassure you that you can carry on meeting safely in MK Quaker Centre.  We continue to be a Covid-19 secure building.   What we are doing:

    • All our rooms are naturally ventilated.   We continue to ventilate rooms before and between groups.
    • Gardens with benches and tables are available for use by hirers.
    • Our Wardens will work with Centre users to schedule kitchen use, to ensure ease of use without congestion.
    • We will continue to ensure that the Centre is very clean and to provide hand sanitisers

What we ask of all Hirers and anyone coming into the Quaker Centre.   Please:

  • Do not come into the Centre if you feel unwell. Ask your participants to stay at home if they develop coughs and colds.
  • Keep your meeting room as well ventilated as the weather allows. But please avoid extreme ventilation (for example, keeping the doors to the outside wide open for a prolonged period of time).
  • Notify our Wardens if you wish to use the kitchen to serve refreshments to your group. They will try to stagger kitchen use so that only one group uses it at a time and they will advise on other ways of avoiding congestion.
  • Feel free to wear masks. Be aware that some people will need to continue to wear masks for the foreseeable future.
  • Avoid congestion in your meeting room. Information on room capacities (with and without social distancing) is provided in the Room Hire/Rooms and Facilities section of our website.
  • Respect the space of others when interacting with our staff and anyone else in the shared areas of the Centre.
  • Tell us about your experiences and your needs and those of your participants. We will try our best to be flexible and accommodate you.

Please note:   Compliance with the above safety measures is a condition of hire.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Quaker Centre soon.

For additional measures for Quaker Worship and other events, please see:  Covid 19 Measures (Quakers)

We are very interested in hearing about your views about our covid safety measures and your experience of meeting in the Quaker Centre.    Please send any feedback or ideas to or Wardens, Helen and Kevin, on or telephone 01908 604673.   We will take your feedback into account when we next review our covid safety measures.

Last updated   26 February 2022


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