Covid 19 Protocols

This is a summary of measures in place at MK Quaker Centre from 10th December 2021.   Changes introduced in response to Government requirements are highlighted in italics.

Our measures:
While Covid infection rates remain high, we continue to:

  • Restrict the number of people in the Centre at any one time, though groups may use either door to enter and leave the Centre and whichever set of toilets is free
  • Keep the building well ventilated, including fully ventilating all meeting rooms before and between uses.  We are experimenting with carbon-dioxide monitors in order to establish how many windows need to be open for how long to ensure the right level of ventilation. More information will be available soon.
  • Encourage the use of our gardens, especially for breaks and refreshments
  • Require face coverings throughout the building, in line with Government requirements.
  • Restrict the use of the kitchen to one group at a time, though people using the Centre may now prepare food for others and individuals are no longer required to bring their own packed lunch
  • Ask people to come into the Centre only if they are well
  • Provide all hirer groups and Quakers with information about the changing symptoms of Covid-19
  • Maintain our increased cleaning schedule and the availability of sanitisers.

Your risk assessments:
Quaker and hirer groups are expected to assess what is needed within their meeting room to keep themselves and their participants safe – that is the total number of participants in their group (within the room maximums allowed) and/or whether or not to require a negative lateral flow test before attendance.

What decision is made will depend on the answers to:

  • Are participants fully vaccinated and boosted?
  • Are some participants at increased risk of infection (for example, weakened immune system) or due to age and underlying conditions at increased risk of severe disease?
  • Does your activity carry particular risks (for example, singing) and make it difficult or impossible to wear masks?   If so, we recommend considering requiring that participants take a lateral flow test up to 24 hours before attendance or a PCR test up to 48 hours beforehand.  More information on tests can be found here
  • Does current Government guidance allow your participants to remove their masks for an approved purpose?

More detail about these measures, including room maximums and use of testing, can be found at the links below.    Please note:   Compliance with these safety measures is a requirement of room hire at the Quaker Centre.

More detail about these measures can be found at the links below:

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Symptoms of Covid-19

Using Lateral Flow Tests

We are very interested in hearing about your views about our covid safety measures and your experience of meeting in the Quaker Centre.    Please send any feedback or ideas to or Wardens, Helen and Kevin, on or telephone 01908 604673.   We will take your feedback into account when we next review our covid safety measures.

Last updated   28 November 2021