Measures and Protocols to Protect you from COVID-19

Meeting together again

Meetings, bringing people together in one space, is at the heart of what we do in the Quaker Centre.  Adapting to COVID-19 restrictions is a challenge for us.  That is why we have carefully thought about how to safely enable meetings and training events to take place in our Centre.  Some of the changes are big and some may feel strange, but we are confident that the new rules will ensure the safety and well-being of our members, hirers and staff as we once again meet together in person.

These protocols were last updated on 3 April 2021.

For more information about each aspect of our Covid-19 protocols, go to the sections below:

Covid-19 – Who to Contact

Centre Users’ Responsibilities

Distancing and Room Capacities

Sessions and Timings

Face Masks

Shared Space

Ventilation, Cleaning and Chairs

Our Team

Equipment, First Aid Box & Accident Record Book

If you have any queries, please email our Wardens at or telephone 01908 604673.