Hire Charges

Current Prices (with effect from 1 September 2020)

Costs for room hire are exempt from VAT.

Main Meeting Room

2 Hours

3 Hours

All Day

Evenings only

Mornings or Afternoons


Band A




Band B




The Garden Room Library and Committee Room

2 Hours

3 Hours

All Day

Evenings only

Mornings or Afternoons


Band A




Band B




Flip Chart


Flip Chart Paper and Pens


Digital Projector and Screen

£10.00 per single session

£20.00 per day

£60.00 per week


Counselling Room

Counsellors and others seeing one client at a time may hire the Library or Committee Room only for a 3 hour daytime session at the reduced rate of £22.50 and a 2 hour evening session for £15.00.

Equipment (Subject to availability)

Hearing loop: The main meeting room has a built-in hearing loop.

Free WiFi. This has been recently upgraded to facilitate Centre users who want some participants to be able to participate in their meetings virtually.


Band A: Polling Station, commercial organisations, large organisations.
Band B: Charities, providers of health or social care, voluntary organisations, self-funded groups charging for membership or admission, small community businesses (eg yoga teacher, tutor).

Please note that these banding criteria are guidelines. Banding is agreed by our Finance and Property Committee advised by the Warden.

We keep our rates low and therefore do not normally offer additional discounts.

We may occasionally agree a time-limited discount for activities in line with Quaker values, if an organisation is having real difficulty in meeting the costs. If you think that your work justifies a discount, you may make a written application addressed to the Convenor of the Finance and Property Committee, Milton Keynes Quaker Meeting, describing the work and ethos of your organisation and explaining why you need a reduced charge.


The minimum period chargeable for any hire in all rooms is 3 hours during the day and 2 hours in the evening.

Hours booked must include time needed to set-up the room as you would like it and return it to the state in which you found it.

Full day hire runs from 9.00 am – 5.00 pm.

Sessions of between 2 and 3 hours’ duration will normally be expected to fit into a morning, afternoon or evening.

Special rates can be arranged for the occasional hire of the entire building.


There is no charge to use the kitchen for light refreshments on the basis that hirers leave the kitchen clean and tidy.  Please discuss use of the kitchen with our wardens in advance of your meeting.   Wherever possible, they will try to ensure staggered use of the kitchen so that only one group  at a time uses it.


Hirers are asked to give as much notice of cancellations as possible. Cancellations of any confirmed booking made within one week or less of the date of the event will result in the full charge being made.

Charges are subject to review annually and 6 weeks’ notice will be given to existing hirers of changes made.

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