Centre Users’ Responsibilities

All Quaker Centre users must take responsibility for keeping themselves and others safe.  And we thank you for your willingness to do that.  In order to hire or use rooms in the MK Quaker Centre, we require that you agree to the following:

  • Familiarise yourself with the measures and protocols we have put in place.

  • Carry out your own risk assessment and share the results with us. Especially, please advise us immediately if you have any concerns about your group or arrangements at the Centre.

  • Keep a note of the names and contact details of your participants for 3 weeks after your meeting.

  • Ensure your group meets all relevant government requirements, for example, that your group is exempt from the Rule of 6 or, if not exempt, that your group does not exceed 6 people.

  • Before your session, ensure that your participants…

      • Are familiar with the symptoms of Covid-19 and only come to the Quaker Centre if    they are well. (We have provided flyers for your use).

      • Are aware of which entrance to use to access the Quaker Centre.

      • Bring their own refreshments with them to the Centre.

      • Bring their own cushion to the Centre if wanted. We have put out available plastic, wipeable (though comfortable) chairs.

      • Bring face masks and put them on before entering the building, except if medically exempt or a child under 11. Those doing yoga may remove their masks before starting exercise.

      • Are aware that they must dispose of any used, disposable face masks or similar items only in the designated pedal bins.

      • Are aware of the need to wash or sanitise their hands-on arrival, using the sanitisers provided.

      • Are aware of the requirement to maintain a physical distance from others.

      • Are aware that they must go straight to their meeting room and keep their belongings with them. (We have provided flyers for your use to help with the above)

      • Keep your meeting room as well ventilated as possible, keeping the windows at least partially open unless the weather is very inclement.

  • During your session, ensure that your participants…

      •  Use only the set of toilets allocated to your group.

      • Go to the toilets one at a time (or two if assistance is required).

      • Maintain physical distancing and avoid queues.

      • Mix in groups of 6 or less people  during any breaks in the session. If weather allows, you are encouraged to use the front and back gardens if available during any breaks.

If you are a group to which individuals may turn up unexpectedly for the first time, please bring with you extra face-coverings for the use of any such individual.  Please take extra care to ensure that everyone follows the protocols.  Please also ensure that your group does not go above the maximum for the maintenance of distancing.


Milton Keynes Quaker Meeting

We are a small venue with limited resources.  Although we are taking steps to ensure that all rooms in use are cleaned and disinfected before and between every use, there may be occasions when, for an unforeseen reason, that is not possible.  Should that occur, we may ask that you carry out some limited wiping down of surfaces that your own group has used (such as door handles and light switches).

Milton Keynes Quakers reserve the right to: (i) refuse admission to any group or person not following these guidelines (ii) close the Centre should local circumstances change with respect to any spread of the virus/requirement for further lockdown.

Thank you for your help in keeping yourself and all users of the Quaker Centre safe.  If you have any ideas for how we can improve how we welcome you at minimise the risk of infection , please let us know.  This is a new journey for all of us and we are looking forward to welcoming you again

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