Distancing and Room Capacities

The biggest single risk-reduction measure we have put in place is to restrict the number of groups using the Centre at any one time to two groups.  These groups will each be allocated a separate entrance to the building and a separate set of toilets.  A Quaker group or a counsellor seeing an individual client counts as one of these two groups.  This parallels the measure recommended for schools, where children are split into “bubbles”.  Therefore, the risk of transmission will be almost exclusively from those within your own group.

Using only our larger rooms

To accommodate the need for physical distancing, we are primarily using the Main Meeting Room and the Garden Room.  Very small groups such as counsellors (who only have 2 people in the room) may use either the Committee Room or the Library.  The ‘Wellbeing Room’ is currently closed.

Capacity of Rooms

We have measured our rooms and set out below the maximum capacities of each room for different seating arrangements. These are in line with government guidance and allow for movement between chairs and entry and exit from the room.

Activities that require the use of mats (such as yoga) may need more space than 2 metres per person.  The numbers below assume that people will be sitting on chairs.


2 Metre Spacing

Main Meeting Room

22 Chairs in concentric circles

Garden Room

10 Chairs in a circle, 2 in the middle. Max: 12


6 Chairs in a circle around the edge of room

Committee Room

6 Chairs in a circle around the edge of room

Note: Groups who use a room without seating should take the 2 metre spacing as the room’s maximum capacity.

Garden: The garden tables allow 6 people to sit round them. More people can be accommodated by taking chairs into the garden.


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