Maximum Room Numbers

Reduced capacity

To reduce the risk of transmission, we are continuing to restrict the number of groups that can use the Centre at any one time.  Any group using the Garden Room will have exclusive use of the entrance and set of toilets near to that room.   The main entrance and main corridor toilets will be shared by users of the Main Meeting Room plus, on occasion, one other small group who will use either the Library or Committee Room

Maximum room numbers

From July 19th 2021, we are increasing the maximum number of people who are allowed in the meeting rooms.   These maximums are still below the original, pre-covid, full capacity numbers.   The notices on the room doors will give the room capacity at 2 metres spacing and the maximum number allowed.   Hirers may choose whether to increase the number of participants above the 2 metre spacing number, in accordance with their assessment of risk.

Activities that require the use of mats (such as yoga) may need more space per person.  The numbers below assume that people will be sitting on chairs.

Main Meeting Room

2 metres: 22
Max: 40

Garden Room

2 metres: 10
Max: 20

Library and Committee Room

2 metres: 6
Maximum: 10

Office Space

At 2 metres: 2
Maximum: 3

Garden: The garden tables allow 6 people to sit round them. More people can be accommodated by taking chairs into the garden.

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