Face Coverings 


All users are required to wear face coverings  while in the Quaker Centre. Only those unable to wear a face covering (for example children under 11 years of age and people with certain medical conditions which makes it difficult for them) – are excepted. There may be other exceptions where groups require special conditions such as yoga classes.  It is the responsibility of the hirers /leaders of such groups to ensure that they are taking the required precautions in accordance with government guidance.

Plastic face shields or visors have been shown to be less effective than cloth face coverings at protecting both the wearer and other people near the wearer.    Face masks with valves do protect the wearer but they provide no protection to others nearby who are subjected to a concentrated stream of the wearer’s unfiltered breath.  Neither face plastic shields nor valved masks are acceptable substitutes for cloth face coverings.  Visors may be worn by people (for example, teachers) who are speaking to a group where the speaker largely remains in the same spot and is able to maintain a safe distance from other people.

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