Shared Space

Shared Space, Including Foyers and Corridors 

When using shared space, people are asked to maintain a distance of as near to 2 metres as possible and to avoid queueing where possible.

Only members of one group will be using either the main entrance or the side entrance.   To reduce the chances of crowding still further, we ask that individuals avoid congregating near the entrance and go as quickly as they can into their session room.


Groups will be allocated the set of 2 toilets nearest to their meeting room. Normally this will mean groups in the Garden Room will use the toilets just outside their meeting room and groups in the Main Meeting Room, Committee Room or Library will use the toilets in the corridor.  As we only have one wheelchair-accessible toilet, it would be helpful if Centre users whose group includes a wheelchair-user could notify Carmel Schmid at or telephone/text 07949247338 to ensure that the appropriate toilet allocation.

Organisers of groups are asked to ensure that people from their group go to the toilet one at a time.  This is because our corridors are less than two metres wide and we wish to avoid queues.  The maximum number of people allowed in each set of toilets is one (or two if an individual requires assistance).

The toilets have automatic air extraction.
Toilets will be cleaned regularly and certainly before and between user groups.


All Centre users, including those using the Centre for the whole day, are encouraged to bring their own refreshments.  When taking a break, additional safe space may be available at the garden tables, weather allowing.

The kitchen will only be available for use by groups using the Centre for the whole day and only one such group at any one time.    We will keep this under review and inform Centre users as soon as we feel able to allow fuller use of the kitchen by more groups.

All-day groups using the kitchen are asked to adhere to the following:

  • Only one person at a time in the kitchen

  • Masks always to be worn in the kitchen

  • Attendees to bring their own packed lunch

  • Attendees to bring their own mugs and to keep them for the day

  • A trolley of drinks may be prepared in the kitchen for distribution in the meeting room.

  • Any person preparing drinks or food for others must wear gloves as well as a mask

  • Any washing up must be done overnight in the dishwasher

  • Keep the windows open unless weather is very inclement

  • Wipe down all surfaces in the kitchen after every tea break and lunch break, using either a mild bleach solution or disinfectant wipes provided.

First Aid Box and Accident Record Book

For the period that the kitchen is closed, the First Aid Kit and accident record book will be located on the wall in the foyer by the main external door to the Centre.

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