Ventilation, Cleaning and Chairs


All doors and windows in rooms to be used will be opened for at least 15 minutes before use.  Ventilation will take place before and between every different user group.

In addition, users are asked to keep windows in each room at least partially open, unless the weather is too inclement.

Cleaning and Sanitizing 

All frequent-touch surfaces in all rooms in use (for example, door handles, light switches, chairs) will be disinfected before and between every different user group.  Bins will be emptied after each user group.  In addition, all rooms in use will be cleaned regularly.

Hand sanitisers for the use of Centre users are provided by all external doors into the Centre.


We have replaced the open waste-paper baskets with closed pedal bins in all rooms.  These bins will be emptied and relined before and between different user groups.

All users of the Centre are asked to take their masks home with them or place them in the bins provided in the foyer and in the toilets.  Please don’t leave masks in the room.


We have set out the plastic, easily cleanable chairs in all rooms and removed the soft, blue chairs.  This will allow us to ensure that the chairs you sit on have been disinfected before your use.  The plastic chairs are comfortable to sit on.  Participants are welcome to bring their own cushions if they prefer a softer chair.

Very occasionally an activity requires soft chairs, for example “Chair Yoga”.  Where this is the case, please contact Carmel Schmid at or telephone/text 07949247338  to discuss accessing soft chairs and steps needed to protect or quarantine them.

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