Equipment, First Aid Box and Accident Record Book

Mixed Face-to-Face and Virtual Meetings

An additional way of reducing the number of people in a room, and particularly useful to groups with some participants who are at higher risk than others, is to use equipment that allows some participants to be physically present and others to take part in the session remotely.  MK Quakers have upgraded the wifi in the Centre to allow that to happen. We have purchased a large screen for our own use and this can be used by non-Quaker groups at an additional charge.   Non-Quaker groups will need to use their own equipment (laptops and audio) to hold blended virtual and face-to-face meetings.   To enquire about hiring the large screen, please contact Helen or Kevin on   Use of wifi is included in room hire costs.

First Aid Box and Accident Record Book

For the period that the kitchen is closed, the First Aid Kit and accident record book will be located on the wall in the foyer by the main external door to the Centre.

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