Our Measures to Keep You Safe

Reduced capacity

Although many covid restrictions are no longer legally required, while case numbers remain high we are continuing to restrict the maximum number of people allowed in each room.   The room maximums have been increased somewhat but are still  below the original, full capacity.  See Maximum Room Numbers

Ventilation and outdoor space

We will continue to fully ventilate any meeting room before it is used, and between different groups to ensure a complete exchange of air in the room.

We continue to advise all Centre users to keep at least two windows partially open for at least some of the time during their meeting and to leave them open when they go.  We are experimenting with the use of carbon dioxide monitors in order to maintain an optimum level of ventilation, while avoiding rooms becoming too cold for comfort.

We continue to advise all Centre users to make full use of our front, side and back gardens for breaks and lunch.

Additional action: We will take additional action to further ventilate the toilets, all of which have an extractor fan.   When there is more than one group in the Main Meeting Room end of the building, we will open windows in the corridor.

Face coverings in shared spaces

We are continuing to require that all Centre users wear face coverings in shared spaces – that is, the toilets, kitchen and corridors.    The toilets are the hardest spaces in the building to ventilate and the corridors are the narrowest spaces.


We are continuing to allow use of the kitchen only to groups who make arrangements with the Warden in advance.   Only one group at a time may use the kitchen.   The kitchen window should be partially opened during and after use.

We ask that groups continue to eat and drink coffee outside if the weather allows or, if not, in small groups inside.   For more information on kitchen use see Shared Spaces

Cleaning and hand-washing

We are continuing with the same, increased, cleaning schedule.

We ask all Centre users to make use of the hand-washing or sanitizing facilities.

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