Covid 19 Measures (Quakers)

The Quaker Centre remains a covid-safer venue: 

All legal restrictions have now been lifted and government guidance about “safer behaviours” is voluntary.

The safety measures we still have in place have been informed by a survey of MK Quakers carried out at the end of March 2022.   The results can be seen here.    MKQM Covid Survey Report March 2022

On-going Safety Measures

  • Ventilation: The existing arrangements for ventilation will remain in place whilst further work is done, for example around CO2 levels in the main meeting room.
  • Distancing: The Main Meeting Room will accommodate up to 40 Friends.   Once that limit is reached, additional Friends should worship in the Garden Room.
  • New attenders: Anyone arriving at Meeting for Worship for the first time will be given a sheet informing them we are a meeting with a number of vulnerable people and listing basic questions similar to those used at medical centres.   Masks will be available  for those who want one.
  • Refreshments:  Friends are encouraged to use the tables and benches in the gardens if the weather allows.
  • Sanitisers: We will continue to ensure that the Centre is very clean and to provide hand sanitisers.
  • Avoiding congestion in the kitchen: The Wardens will continue to try to stagger kitchen use so that only one group uses it at a time.

What we ask of Friends:

  • Symptoms: Please do not attend the Meeting House if you are unwell.   If you develop any symptoms, with a recent onset, that could indicate a Covid-19 infection (these include runny nose, sneezing, headache, unusual fatigue, sore throat, high temperature, cough, loss or change to the sense of smell or taste),  please take 2 Lateral Flow tests on 2 consecutive days.   Alternatively, please do not come into the Meeting House until you have been symptom-free long enough to be sure you can no longer have coronavirus.
  • Known contacts: Please do not come into the Centre if you live in the same house as someone who is known to be covid-positive until the member of your household tests negative for coronavirus, and you yourself are confident you are covid-free.
  • On-going cold symptoms: If, after the acute symptoms have passed and you have tested negative for coronavirus, residual symptoms (such as a runny nose or occasional cough) continue to hang around, you are welcome to return to face-to-face Meeting and use your own judgement to decide whether or not to wear a mask.
  • Social distancing: Please respect the space of others, especially during refreshments after Meeting for Worship.
  • Masks:   Face masks are optional throughout the Meeting House.  Although mask wearing is optional, Friends are reminded that some people will feel safer if others wear one.
    • Pastoral Friends have a stock of effective and comfortable face-masks.   These are available on request to Friends who have need of them.   Please contact your Pastoral Friend.
  • Lateral Flow Tests:   Routine Lateral Flow tests prior to attending Meeting for Worship are no longer requested but are still helpful for people who have symptoms or know they are close contacts of someone with covid or in special circumstances, such as singing.   Please do not be put off using a Lateral Flow Test by the cost.  Help is available from Meeting for this purpose.  Contact your Pastoral Friend to find out what the arrangements are.

    More information about tests can be found here

    Smaller Groups

    • Smaller groups, such as midweek Meeting for Worship, Children’s Meeting, committees, study groups, craft group and listening groups, can agree what measures are required within their own meeting room to keep themselves safe.  (Room capacities, with and without social distancing, can be found on the Room Hire/Rooms and Facilities section of the website.)
    • Singing:  Quaker singing groups may wish to continue requesting that participants register a negative LF test within 24 hours before the group starts.

    Friends who are particularly vulnerable to covid (or just extra-cautious) are advised to upgrade their face-covering to a mask with a high degree of effectiveness in protecting the wearer even if those around them are not also wearing masks.   A guide to masks can be found here

    The website will remain the main point of communication about covid protection measures.

    Covid Planning Group

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