One-off Quaker Events

Specific, one-off Quaker Events

Date:   10th August 2021

Simplicity Lunch (15 August 2021)

The main covid risk is presented by queuing and congregating around the food table.   This risk will be reduced by:

  1. Diners should collect their food from the table and then leave the Garden room to another location, preferably outside
  2. Only, approximately 10 people should be in the Garden room collecting food at any one time.
  3. A monitor should be appointed who can observe what is happening in the Garden room and ask people to move on and restrict access until numbers are within limits.
  4. Overseers may want to arrange tables outside in the garden and in other rooms.
  5. Face-coverings should be worn inside unless and until Friends are seated.


First Friday Poetry Evening (3 September 2021)

This will take place in the main meeting room with a maximum of 40 attenders including the poets (8 in number). People attending should be double vaccinated, or have recovered from a covid infection (meaning they have antibodies), or have a recent negative test. We cannot police this policy but ask people to book in advance and confirm that they meet these conditions. We will not insist on masks but the room should be well ventilated. Children can attend.

The poets will be chosen from our Meeting but non Quakers may attend.

Comino to COP  (12-14 September 2021)

This is a group of Christian environmental activists who will stay and sleep over in the meeting house during the weekend of 12th – 13th September. They will leave early Monday morning, 14 September.

This will take place in accordance with Comino to COP’s own risk assessment.   Meeting for Worship will not take place in the Meeting House on Sunday 13th September.    Elders and Clerks will decide whether Meeting for Worship on that day will be away from the Meeting House (for example in the Tree Cathedral) or whether it will be a zoom only Meeting.

First Friday Concert (Saturday 2 October 2021)

This event presents more complex risks because of the nature of the activity (singing and number of performers) but would be held later in the year when case numbers are hoped to be lower. Our current thinking is that this can event proceed but, similar to the Poetry evening, attendance should be limited to 40 excluding performers, and attendees should confirm that they have been double vaccinated, have recovered from a covid infection or had a recent negative test. Again we should ask people to book in advance and confirm that they meet these conditions. Masks will not be mandatory.  The room must be well ventilated. Children can attend

The Covid Protocol group will review this nearer the time in the light of experience and cases.