This Week’s Notices

Notices for week beginning 21st May 2022


Please note:

Masks     Masks are not required in the Quaker Centre, though you may wish to continue to wear one to respect the needs of others.

Lateral Flow Tests       A lateral flow test is not required prior to attending Meeting for Worship. However, if you develop symptoms of any respiratory illness, including sneezing, coughing or cold symptoms, we ask that you don’t come into the Quaker Centre and encourage you to take 2 lateral flow tests on consecutive days to establish whether or not the symptoms are coronavirus.   

Greeting after MfW    Prior to the pandemic we greeted each other with a handshake at the end of Meeting for Worship. Now the guidelines have been relaxed, if you feel comfortable shaking hands with others then please do so. Obviously, there is no compulsion and you should greet Friends in whichever way is comfortable to you.


Saturday 21st – Monday 30th May

Yearly Meeting

Blended Yearly Meeting will open on Saturday 21st May with a range of online preparatory events across the subsequent week. Formal business sessions will be held on 27th–30th May.

Yearly Meeting’s theme is faith, community and action to address three big questions:

  • Faith: How do we experience worship, community and witness?
  • Community: How can we build Quaker communities that respond to challenges and put faith into action?
  • Action: How can we transform thinking and action in Quaker communities and wider society?


Sunday May 22nd  

10:30 – 11:30 Blended Meeting for Worship

The online Zoom link has been circulated by email. If you need the link please contact the clerks: You can also find it in the copy of the notices posted in the Members section of the website .

Please maintain social distancing during refreshments after meeting for worship.

If you aren’t joining at the Quaker Centre or by Zoom then do join in from home at the same time.


Sunday 22nd May

Simplicity Lunch  

Following Meeting for Worship Pastoral Friends will be offering a simplicity lunch. An opportunity to share some food and time together.


Tuesday 24th May      

14:00 – 16:00 Craft(less) Group
Craft Group, with or without any craft work, meets in the Quaker Centre. Everyone welcome.


Tuesday 24th May

20:00 Reading Group: Spiritual Deepening

The third monthly session of the online reading group led by Annie and Ryan Kemp (Watford Meeting) to explore spiritual development. This month’s book is Barn at the End of the World by Mary Rose O’Reilley (344pp). No need to sign up, just attend on Zoom using the following link:

Zoom Account: 4445551652                 Password: 113384


Wednesday 25th May

12:45 – 13:30 Midweek Meeting for Worship

Midweek Meeting for Worship will be in the Tree Cathedral in Newlands.


28th May – 3rd June

Maison Quaker Congenies, France – Art Retreat with Erik Dries

Suitable for all levels and all media. For more information


Sunday 29th May

10:30 – 11:30 Meeting for worship

There are two options available for Meeting for Worship today: joining with the blended national Yearly Meeting All-together worship, or a local online-only Meeting for those who aren’t attending the All-together worship. Elders are encouraging us to join in the All-together worship.

All together worship

This will involve those gathered in the Quaker Centre joining online with those at Friends House in London. Friends who have registered with Yearly Meeting can also join individually from their own home. To find out what you need to take part, read the information sheet (PDF). If you haven’t registered and can’t attend in the Quaker Centre then you can still follow the Meeting for Worship via a YouTube live stream, the link for which will be posted next week.

Local online Meeting for Worship

For friends who are unable to attend the Quaker Centre and who haven’t registered for Yearly Meeting there will be the option of joining together in a local online Meeting for Worship. The Zoom link will be circulated in the usual way. Please note that this Meeting for Worship will NOT be linked to friends in the Quaker Centre as they will be linked into the All together worship with Yearly Meeting.


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